You The Conquer provides coaching for businesses:

  • communication in the workplace
  • staff profiling
  • how to run successful meetings
  • how to build rapport and gain respect
  • conflict resolution
  • emotional intelligence
  • goal setting
  • repair and revive
  • next level growth


You The Conqueror can assist you to get your business back on track.  The process is simple, sell more and spend less, but this is difficult to see when in overwhelm as there are so many other complications clouding your vision.  The best way is to engage a specialised Business Coach, removed from the emotional aspect of the problem and  who will assist and guide you to sanction the required changes.  In the first meeting you will rediscover the enthusiasm that attracted you to this business in the fists place, and your business will begging to revive immediately.

  1. Take a snapshot of the business
  2. Identify the problems
  3. Work together to discover personal obstacles and difficulties that have prevented prior success
  4. Implement a Strategy of Operation and install a Control Board of Business Management
  5. Re-Create a Business Plan
  6. Work to the plan, measuring the results at pre-deterined checkpoints

You The Conqueror guarantees that by taking the action prescribed, your business will continue to improve.


Are you trapped in the “Zone of Comfort” where your dependable solid business is stood at a crossroads.  You have a choice, remain where you are, safe and secure but you know there is more out there.  Something is missing, comfort is safe, but you miss the challenge and you know that your business has more potential.

Whilst the next level looks inviting, you don’t know how to proceed, or are reluctant to take the step.  The inner conflict seems irrational and becomes irritating and you find yourself spending more time wondering if or how you should take the next step.  You have watched your competitors with poor service and 2nd rate products overtake you but you are stuck in the decision.

You The Conqueror will assist you to make the right decision, and work with you to implement set plan of growth so that you can achieve your goals.


Work related stress and conflict costs Australian businesses well over $10 billion per year, according to a 2008 Medicare study.

  • How much of this amount is your money?
  • How many opportunities have you missed because you or your staff are not “present”, or worse are absent from work?
  • How much time is spent sorting out staff disagreements?

Emotional workplace problems are ever increasing and often the biggest sufferer is the Principal.  The emotions flow like a waterfall from the top creating whirl pools of disarray throughout the organisation.  Negativity is contagious and once the rot has set in it is difficult to shift.

You The Conqueror can assist your team to:

  • Build strong relationships
  • Discover workplace problems and negotiate solutions
  • Turn a toxic environment into one with vision, respect and empowerment

Thank you Sharon for a wonderful coaching session on Tuesday. It has put me into gear and has outlined exactly what I need to do, to get to my goal. You are an expert in your field. I’m looking forward to more sessions to come. Thank you


I know you’ve heard it all already. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. We don’t use our brain to the fullest of its potential. The mind would be the most powerful tool if only we learned how to use it. If you believe it can be done, your mind will find a way to do it. Sounds familiar? Those are beautiful quotes, the kind I’d pair with some awe-inspiring photograph to make one of those motivational posters I could then hang on my classroom walls. Encouraging words I had never given a second thought to, I had never truly believed in… until this morning. Forty-five minutes is all Sharon needed to help me open my eyes and see, really see, that I can make a difference, that there’s nothing my mind cannot conquer. I had no idea..


It's Time - Make the change you have been looking for NOW!