Life Coaching


There are times when we all need guidance, but who knows YOU well enough to be able to give you the advice you need without adding their own opinion of your circumstance or problem? Family members? Your best friend? Your boss? How about your hairdresser?

At You The Conqueror, we believe that the only person who knows what is best for YOU, is YOU!!!!

Perhaps for now you can’t see the wood for the trees, and go around in circles as you are overwhelmed by the fog that consumes you.  The solutions your advice givers don’t fit, and as time ticks on you find yourself procrastinating in “the grey zone”.  You know things can be so much better, you just don’t know how to take the next step.

Your You The Conqueror Life Coach will help you to understand the problems you have and teach you how to think laterally to develop and reach the end goal you have in mind.  Together you will:

  • confirm your current situation
  • decide upon your desired result
  • develop a strategy to work forwards to reach your goal
  • create anchors and make permanent behavioural changes to keep you focussed and on track
  • reach your optimal goal and true potential
  • remove the mental obstacles that obstruct you  (negative behaviours and feelings)

A Great Life Coach doesn’t give you instructions, advice or sympathy. A Great Life Coach will challenge you to see your greatest potential. You won’t lift the “bar” – you will remove it, and you will soar above it to achieve a freedom that you have previously only dreamed of.

Life is the most important journey you will ever make, if you can’t take along a navigator – make sure you own the map and carefully plan your route!

Sharon Glasswell

Director, You The Conqueror

I first came to see you when I was struggling with work issues and personal inner conflicts. I had big “goals” but for an unknown reason was not able to achieve them. After seeing you, my life has transformed. Not only have I completely changed career paths, but I am more focussed and driven than ever. Everyday I am so excited and passionate to be moving closer and closer in the direction of my dreams! Thank you for showing me the way!


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