Business Booster


Do you work :

  • for yourself at the head of an organisation,
  • as a commission based sales consultant,
  • as a salaried professional
  • or in an organisation as a salaried employee
  • as a one man operation or partnership?

However your working life is structured, the chances are you work for your business, or someone else’s business. Whether it’s a government department, a large corporation or company, a small organisation or partnership, we are all in some kind of “business”.  So what kind of business are you in?

How do you measure your success?

By sales, by income, by  profit? by creations or by quality?  Maybe you measure your success by the reputation or the referrals you receive from satisfied customers.  There are many ways to measure success, how do YOU measure YOUR success?

You The Conqueror proudly presents Business Booster, a short 2 day seminar that will empower you to achieve your true potential.  During this time you will assess your current situation, identify areas of your life that you wish to  improve and you will learn how to set new standards of excellence that your previously thought were unreachable.

  • Leave behind negative thoughts and limitations
  • Discover the power of your inner strength.
  • Dare you set goals that will take you to the next level and beyond

Are you Prepared for Change?
Are you Prepared for Success?

You The Conqueror will guarantee that if you engage the suggestions learned during this course you will increase your business profits – or the cost of the course will be returned to you in full!

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