Happily Ever After

A Course For Couples
couple in meadow
couple reaches mountain top
At a time when 50% of all relationships are breaking down, we are proud to announce our latest seminar for couples. This two-day information packed seminar has been designed specifically for couples who want to stay together. Whether you are in an established relationship,  beginning your journey together, or are looking for repair and maintenance,  this fun weekend is a must.

During the workshop you will work together to:

  • align your values and set mutual goals for love and life
  • discover each others thought processes and strategies in a fun and exciting way
  • truly understand and respect the uniqueness of your partner
  • uncover new communication skills, develop personal sensory acuity and advanced language and listening skills
  • enjoy life together with true understand and respect
  • learn how to disagree with agreement and find compromise easily and effortlessly
  • set strategies in place for overcoming life’s obstacles and challenges

Life together isn’t meant to be “Life” together and by attending this course you will discover ways to guarantee you will spend the rest of your life together “Happy Ever After”

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