einsteinAre you being stretched to breaking point? Here’s a quick lesson in the power of positivity, with a bit of elasticity to keep your pants from falling down.

This is not one of those articles with 10 reasons why you should think positively before even taking that first sip of coffee for the day.

Now we’ve got that clear, within lies one excellent lesson on elasticity and how to harness its power to propel you forwards with the speed that Spiderman slings his web shooter.

Your own elastic can take you in any direction that you decide – and I’m talking about that list of goals you may have written only a few days ago.

Before we start, here’s a question where yes is the best answer. Are you getting closer to your goals or not?

Where the negative prevails, the answer is simple, it’s elastic!  Not the kind that keeps your pants from falling down, or our bundles of mail together, although the theory of how to use it to achieve your goals is very much the same.

Imagine for a moment that you have a natural and never-ending supply of elastic that you can call upon at any time you need.  It’s hidden deep inside your body and will shoot out at warp speed whenever you focus on something important.

Your focus could be health, money, career, or accomplishment of any kind. In fact, it could even be the as yet unfound, love of your life.  Whatever you focus on is where the elastic will attach itself securely.

The slingshot effect

Of course
we all know that when elastic is shot from a slingshot, it stretches long and taught, so you will easily understand that when it’s secure, it is going to pull you towards that focus with a Spiderman force.  You don’t have to do much at all, unless…

What if what you want isn’t what you are focussing on? What if you are focussing on what you DON’T WANT?

Let’s say you want money, but you want it because you have bills to pay. You don’t just want it – you NEED IT!  What if you are so desperate to find the one true love of your life, because you NEED to end the loneliness you feel inside? Where is your focus, is it attached to what you want, or is it attached to why you don’t want NOT to have it?

Now, let’s take a moment to understand this fully, because if I need money to pay the bills, and I work long and hard hours to get the money, and I save every cent I get, then eventually I will get the money I need. So, what’s the problem?

Well let’s look at the elastic. It’s stretched long and tight, the elastic is secured to what I don’t want – the bills, so it becomes more stretched as I begin to reach my goal – money.

By the time I reach my goal, and I have paid my bills, the elastic is so tight that one slight nudge and I am pulled swiftly right back to where I started. Right back to square one! Broke and miserable!

The same thing happens with weight loss, and by its very nature the title of the goal identifies the direction of the elastic.

“I want to lose weight”, rather than “I want to be slender”. The elastic attaches to an image of an overweight unhealthy you, rather than the image of a slender healthy happy you, and often this is because the positive image is so far away, you can’t even see it. It’s unimaginable.

So what’s the problem?

The problem isn’t the problem, it’s the elastic. We focus on the problem, the very reason that we MUST change, and we attach the elastic firmly to this negative image. It’s an uphill, hard work battle from then on.

If your elastic is stuck firmly on your “anti-goal”, then eventually it will reach its capacity. It will inevitably drag you backward at a rate of knots to your starting place, and in the example of weight loss, you will find yourself back at your starting weight – or even heavier.

So let’s turn this around, shall we! Fix your sights to the end goal – the slim, healthy you, living a varied and happy life, where good food and exercise are the norm, and your life is energetic and fun.

Or aim your life at success and imagine you have already got that success, and what it does for you.  If it’s money you need, don’t think of the bills, because when you have money, the bills will get paid without your attention as you will have bigger and better things to be thinking of. Think of all the things that you will do with the money – where will you holiday, invest or retire? Build your goals around the life you desire and focus on the awesome. Create a picture so vivid that you can see, hear, smell and taste your new life – really feel how you feel, and anchor that elastic.

When your elastic is tightly embedded to your positive and compelling future, it will be just as stretched as before, except this time it’s stretched to capacity in your successful future so that when you reach a certain point – BANG! You will be catapulted over your original goal and boosted further into your desired future than you could ever imagine as the momentum takes hold and the successes flood on in.

Your elastic is fantastic

So here is another question where yes is the best answer?

Do you know the positioning of your elastic?

We all have elastic. We need it for our pants, but some of us have stretched our elastic so much that it’s out of shape, wavy on the edges and frayed at the ends.  Sometimes it stops being elastic, it won’t hold up our pants and it won’t let us move in either direction. It becomes a rope that is secured tightly to the things we just DO NOT WANT, and we become STUCK in overwhelm as we accept our fate of mediocrity or worse.

Now don’t get all depressed and stop reading because here comes the good news!

When you dig deep inside, you will find new elastic, new dreams and new wisdom.  When you learn how to focus on what you want, you will secure your elastic to your dreams like Spiderman secures his threads to his targets.

The realisation that you have simply conquered a fear of what you can’t have, instead of what you can achieve is merely the first step. Your elasticity is waiting to take you on the rest of the journey.

Life is short, but elastic can stretch to give you more life in length, depth and flexibility.

All you have to do is to change your focus.  Practise, practise, practise!  Ask yourself, what do I want and why do I want it?  If the answer you get back is because you don’t want the opposite, then STOP…. And ask another question, what will I do when I have it?  How will I act, what will my life look like, what will my bank account, scales, (or whatever) look like?  Can I really imagine having what I want… Now, dream a little, your imagery and your energy will organise the elastic.  Now you are ready.

I don’t believe there is any problem that is so big that you and your elastic cannot solve it, including your pants!

Sharon Glasswell, the Director of You The Conqueror, always focuses on the power of elasticity in her business to deliver seminar and training programs of excellence.  She also see clients privately at her business suite or on Skype for personal coaching and therapy.  Sharon guarantees your results will be distinctive, as she does not believe there is any problem that is so big that you cannot solve it yourself.  Take the first step forward by emailing info@youtheconqueror.com.au today to unleash the real power of your brains’ elasticity that you know lies within.