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Become a Certified NLP, TLT®, Hypnosis & NLP Coaching Practitioner

Four certifications and a whole lifetime of change.  Discover and duplicate behavioural excellence in yourself and others. Whether you are looking to change your career to become a Life Coach, improve your business, your relationship, or your results, or just find peace in your life, this toolbox of techniques and understandings will assist you to improve every aspect of your life.

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"This training has been the best thing I ever did. It has helped me with my communication, both in my home with my loved ones, and in my business, with my staff" MG
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What is NLP?

  • Neuro – the brain
  • Linguistic – the language (verbal and non-verbal) we use to communicate with ourselves and others
  • Programming – the internal programs we run that create our behaviour (wanted and unwanted)

By studying NLP you will discover how your mind and others work.  By learning simple and practical techniques, unwanted habits and behaviours can be improved or removed easily and effortlessly so that you can create the life that you desire.  These skills are easy to acquire and you will create instant positive results from day 1 with this hands-on learning approach. Magnify your confidence and ability to increase and enhance your performance.  This training will show you how you can set goals in the future and achieve them.

NLP is the study of excellence and how to replicate it in ourselves and others.

Who will attend and Why?

  • You – For your self. Enjoy accelerated personal growth, Learn about how your mind works and make the changes you desire in your everyday life.  Learn how to remove the negative self talk that stops you from achieving, and replace it with constant encouragement that will lift you to a higher place of happiness and wellbeing. If you want to belive that no problem is so big that you cannot solve it yourself, you will lean techniques to remove the negative emotions around the problems so that you can see the problem from the outside, and thus work out a solution to any problem.
  • Therapists/Psychologists/Counsellors – Professionals who are already working with clients are discovering more and more that NLP is the perfect addition to any tool box.  Problems previously “manageable” can now be removed by the client to create change otherwise thought impossible.  Learn how to reframe your clients problems so they can see them from a different angle and discover that they are able to make changes that they previously thought were impossible.
  • Business/Sales Professionals – Increase productivity, create new positive working and team environments, remove career cancers and rise to new levels.  Learn how to really listen to your client, to understand their needs, build strong rapport  and trust so they will allow you to assist them to improve their lives with your product or service.  Remove negative blocks that obtstruct your personal growth and discover that you can have fun as you builod your career to greatness.
  • Teachers – Install a new attitude in your students, lift grades, learn simple and fun techniques to settle hyperactive students and create a motivated classroom of attentive learning.  Learn easy ways to remove conflict and assist troubled children and their parents (or colleagues) to work together in a kind and caring environment.  (This includes working with children who are bullies and childrn who are bullied). This course teaches easy ways to show children how to remove their personal blocks of “I can’t” or “it’s too hard” and replace them with “I can, show me, tell me, teach me”.
  • Coaches – Life and Business Coaches who are passionate about the achievement and growth of their clients.  Learn how to believe in your client.  No matter how big the problem, everyone is doing the best they can with the recourses they have, and you can teach your clients how they can solve any problem, find peace in any situation and take their lives/businesses to greatness.
  • Professional Athletes – Learn how to improve your performance by perfecting your physical strategies and activities, discover how mental rehearsal can assist you to smash your PB’s, and take you to the next level.  Remove the negative beliefs of your capability that stop you from achieving your dreams, and learn how to discover the secrets of your competitors success and improve upon them for your own results.
  • Everyone who communicates with anyone else and wants to become the best version of themselves.

During this 7 day intensive Training you will learn:

  • How to create instant Rapport to gain long and lasting mutual trust and respect
  • Sensory Acuity – How to notice physical responses to understand how messages are being received by others,  Know when you are engaging your client and how to recognise and re-engage them when you go off track.
  • Representational System – How we use our 5 senses to absorb the world, and translate this representation to our internal nervous state by filtering it through our past experiences, emotions, values and beliefs. Understand how these filters work automatically to support or sabbotage our results in our personal or working life.
  • Submodalities – The software of your mind. Learn how the pictures you make in your head can be changed to remove unwanted behaviour or thoughts (useful for making small changes such as eating the wrong foods, drinking, smoking, biting nails, feeling bad etc, any behaviour that “just happens”)
  • Language Patterns – Learn how the words you speak can be received as a completely different message.  You say XXXX and they hear YYYY. By understanding language, you can change your choice of words which will change the results of your conersations. Discover a simple understanding of language that helps you to elicit the true meaning of other peoples conversations, you will learn how to elicit problems, and then assist others to solve them in conversation. Learn how to use metaphors and abstract language to solve problems, create agreement and mediation.  Learn the art of lateral thinking and how to use it to assist others to solve their problems.
  • Anchoring – Discover the powerful mind body connection and how our bodies react to pre-set triggers.  By removing these triggers you can remove unwanted negative states come from them.  By learning how to set positive “triggers” or Anchors, you can create and call upon positive states as you need them.  Imagine being able to become motivated/confident/empowered at will? would that be useful? or instead of flying into a rage, you could choose different behaviours automatically?
  • Strategies – Every time you do something you follow pre-set pattern of behaviour, how you get up in the morning, how you make a cup of tea, and how you make a decision, even how you buy a product or choose a partner. Your internal thoughts and your external steps create the pattern. Sometimes the outcome is great, but sometimes you find yourself making bad decisions again and again, we call this a cycle. Once you discover the steps of your patterns you can change them.  This means , and you change automatic behaviours, thoughts and ultimate results. Students can discover their spelling/learning strategies to improve grades or learning abilities.  Once you discover your buying strategies and you will never make unwanted purchases again.  Discover your love strategies and attract the partner of your dreams.  Elicit the strategies of your family and clients to assist them to make positive decisions with mutual benefits.
  • Parts Integration – Internal conflict can stop us in our tracks, when you cant make a decision because part of you feels “x” and another part of you feels “y” you have internal conflict. It’s like there is an internal battle or debate, and no congruency of thought.  Inner conflict causes stress and confusion which can lead to stagnation or overwhelm at the least.  Learn how to resolve inner conflict and make decisions that move you forward in personal growth.

What is TLT®?

Time Line Therapy® or Time Line Techniques® are techniques of active imagination that work on a quantum level to make positive changes to your life.  By removing negative thoughts,  beliefs, and the self imposed limitations of your future, it is possible to clean up the past and re-create the future to allow you to experience your true potential.

On this course you will learn:

  • how to eliminate negative emotions, (that some call depression, or anger, fear, guilt)
  • how to eliminate negative beliefs (not good enough)
  • how to eliminate limiting decisions (I can’t make money/form good relationships or I’m always sick)
  • how to Re-Create Your Future, recognise and capture opportunities, make decisions
  • to set SMART goals into the future with as much compelling detail as the memories of your past
  • a technique so powerful it will completely remove any phobia in minutes
  • how to take an attitude of  “Can’t do” change it to a “Can Do” and watch it become a “Have Done”

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we slip in and out of every day.  During these times we are in direct communication with our unconscious mind, although at the time we may not be aware.  Have you ever arrived home safely in your car, but are unable to remember the journey home? or have you been so engrossed in a movie that you suspend your disbelief and accept the fiction as reality. Perhaps you just lost 10  mins staring into space or a log fire, or picked up your cup of tea only to find it is empty, and you didn’t realise.  All these are examples of nature hypnotic states.

The myth of hypnosis is that a trained Hypnotist can make their subject behave in a way that they wouldn’t normally, we hear stories of stage shows where subjects cluck like chickens or behave like babies, but the truth is that they wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t in alignment with their own values. So during this course, you are safe, and in control at an unconscious level.

This introductory level to hypnosis will provide you with a basic understanding of hypnosis as you learn the history of hypnosis and study Erickson indirect permissive Hypnotherapy.

Learn how to:

  • use abstract hypnotic language to create confusion consciously and enables the unconscious acceptance of positive suggestion
  • create arm catalepsy in your client
  • install post hypnotic suggestion
  • understand the power of metaphors and the use them to create deeper understanding and problem solving
  • induce trance with a variety of formal induction scripts


Learn how to guide your clients to become the very best they can be using all of the modalities conducted in the training.  During the 7 Day Training programme you will learn techniques that your clients will find easy to follow that will provide them with insight and understanding that will enable them to move forwards to create the results they wish.

You will:

  • learn how to take a problem to a solution easily
  • discover the difference between content and process to simplify the problem and discover the solution
  • learn how to complete a client history to discover the repeating patterns of the problem and move to solution
  • set Advanced SMART goals together with measurable check points for guaranteed success
  • learn the benefits of tasking and how to utilise them for the best results for your client
  • naturally use reframing techniques to allow clients to understand their problems in context
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