Counselling & Mediation


There are times in  life when you need to talk it out.  You The Conqueror offers non-traditional family and couples counselling service which will provide you with strategies and understandings so that you can :

  • find peace from your situation, and move on with healthy memories
  • re-connect and re-discover the love that originally bonded you together
  • re-align your values and build healthy goals together
  • accept one anothers differences and agree upon compromises that allow mutual respect
  • learn listening skills that allow you to really understand each others true message in communication

By remembering your relationship in its infancy, you will find your way through the present difficulties, rebuild and return to a position of love, respect and mutual trust.

When I first saw you my life was a mess. I was so sad, angry and sick and tired of myself. I had so much built up anger and sadness after the death of my baby sister 9 years ago. After one session, you helped me heal and let go of all the pain and extreme sadness. Thanks to you, daily I am moving step by step to achieve my goals and live a happy, positive life. I am forever grateful!  You are magical!!


I’ve been in a constant state of anxiety since Friday. Restless, unsettled, stressed, dreading the moment when I’d hear my doctor say the words that I thought would seal my fate, feeling helpless and unable to do a thing about it. Sharon showed me I was underestimating myself. Big time. I have a voice and a say in this, I am in control. I was still scared, yes, but no longer paralyzed by fear. I could tell you the exact moment in which I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I told Sharon it was magic, and she smiled. It was all me, she said, I had done it myself. How amazing is that? I was sitting at my doctor’s office a couple of hours ago, and I knew I could handle it, whatever it was. There’s no way I would have said this before I talked to Sharon this morning. I still have work to do, I know, but I trust Sharon completely, and I am certain I’m well on my way to a brand new life, one in which I am in charge. Thank you so very much, Sharon, for being so supportive, so generous, and so wonderful. You truly are a beautiful soul. RL


You The Conqueror offers modern mediation services for those wishing to find agreement and resolve conflict.  It is possible to work together to find mutual understanding and compromise.  Once the first step has been taken, the rest is easy.

Whether you have conflict:

  • within the workplace
  • from a relationship breakup
  • with custody arrangements

Difficult disputes almost always affect other people more than the challenging parties, and the lasting negative results can have devastating results.  When parties are trapped in a world of pain and anger, it is often difficult to see that agreement can be found. You The Conqueror will lead you through the emotional “now” so that you can reach your goals.  Only when mutually beneficial compromise has been founded will you find closure to the problem.

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