Emotional Stability

So many of us are held to ransom by our emotions, problems that affect not only ourselves, but our families, careers and every other aspect of our life.

In fact, 80% of us will experience some form of depression or other emotional problems during our lifetime.

It’s easy to say “snap out of it” but when you are trapped in the depths of darkness, you can’t see a way out. It doesn’t matter what the cause of the problem is, whether it stems from loss or grief, or it may be unexplainable, You The Conqueror can guide you through techniques that will release these negative emotions and allow you to re-gain control of your life immediately.

You The Conqueror can assist with:

  • depression
  • guilt
  • lethargy or overwhelming tiredness
  • stress at work or home
  • relationship breakdowns
  • anger
  • inner conflict / confusion
  • PTSD
  • overwhelm
  • hurt and inner pain
  • abuse
  • fears / anxiety
  • phobia

I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who would like to conquer their battle with anxiety! Sharon has helped me through my battle of anxiety and has changed my life! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful caring person Sharon xx


Long term Demon’s from the past and suffocatingly stifling self imposed shackles, removed and disempowered…learnings from them retained and are now a positive inspiration and motivation in my life…proof positive of this was almost immediate, right in front of my eyes!! Cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift & wisdom, coupled with heartfelt genuine support during the journey…Bless your beautiful heart Sharon…forever grateful…. ♥ ♥


I feel liberated and free from a lifetime of negative thinking and living with anxiety. I can see a happy and positive future and I can reach my goals. Thoughts that used to ignite anxiety have no anxiety tied to them anymore! I can take the world on with my head held high.


It's Time - Make the change you have been looking for NOW!