Here are some wonderful people who decided to empower themselves, remove their fears and phobias and face them head on. You can have what you want. Take control of your emotions and become strong. Let go of your anger and negativity, rediscover your life. We wrote our fears and phobias, and everything that frustrated us on one side of the board, and then we wrote our dreams and goals, wishes and desires on the other. We broke the boards and in doing so took control of our lives. One lady is 78 in this clip, another lady had a broken leg, and another lady had a hernia that happened the day before, she refused to give up, so we sat her down with a doctors beside her to ensure she was safe. I bet you can’t find which is which.

This is Geraldine. I met Geraldine at an NLP Training in Sydney, where we were assisting at a Tad James NLP Trainer’s Training Event.  She came out from England where they don’t have cockroaches the size we have here. She was terrified.  This is her before video

This is Geraldine’s “After” video.  An hour after the training ended, she went back to her apartment where she “met” a cockroach in the hall.  She followed it around the apartment for half an hour, and then she squashed it with a bowling ball.  Not very humane but, she was happy!

7 years ago Belinda had a 2 car accidents that resulted in injuries which changed her life.  After much investigation she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a horrendous condition of which there is little understanding and no cure.  Belinda answered an ad that we had placed looking for people to take part in a case study.  We wanted to see exactly how powerful our minds can be.  This is the result.